Saturday, October 16, 2010

impossibly so, in fact.

It's chilly out,
A smattering of red and orange bits about the front porch,
The lawn and on the pavement that runs on forever.

You're calling out from the kitchen-
Something about the blender that won't work. I'm leaning against the red brick wall at the end of the driveway that is just about chest level, taking all of it in.
Then you're leaning against the doorway,
glass of juice (from the carton) in hand, having given up on that sodding blender.

And I'm thinking-
It doesn't have to be here, or there.
Doesn't have to be like all the things we've thought up, or talked of, or laughed at.
And I'd never want you to stay if you didn't want to.
But, you're here right now, and that's just the loveliest thing really.

"Dream up something first," they've always said,
So I do.
And my word, who knew dreams could be so beautiful?
And who'd have thought that this dream might be one,
That one might want to hold on to for a while.

just so you know, I'm impossibly I'm love with you

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