Monday, October 11, 2010

So how's this work hey?

I just what,
Type an email and pretend it's not kinda weird. Or like, I know exactly what I'm doing when I don't and then just sorta let everything else fall into place?

Okay, I can do that.

Or like try to decide how I feel and just sorta be like,
Hmm, uhm. Okay.okay.okay, I give up.

That's my problem I suppose-
My job let's me run away.

A couple of the kids said in a feedback form,
"Drama let's me be someone I am not."
"In drama, I can be anyone I want to be."
And that's only the half of it darling, really.

It let's you crawl out of your skin and into a character that you can create. It let's you step out to step in, let go and become.

Sometimes, it is awfully tempting to stay in character for long after the house lights have come on and the audience, emptied out.
Sometimes, it's a whole lot easier to be all the things that everyone else wants you to be, y'know, just for convenience sake.
Of course that only works if you can shut yourself out. Block out your needs and wants and all that you should be.
I never said it was a good thing, I just said it might be easier.

And sometimes,
It's a whole lot easier to just go with things, like you know exactly what's happening. When in truth, you're not even sure if there's anything the least bit solid to walk on, when you take the next step.

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