Tuesday, January 4, 2011

on my way

I like that we're good(:

Okay soooo, this trip was A LOT more trying than I expected it to be.
I think I'm just getting old. I am old and tired. Sad dot com.
it's been tumultuous; An uncertain, insecure, refreshing, lovely, cold, loud, claustrophobic, interesting, and rather emotional trip.

I have learnt so, so much. And not just from The Acting Corps.
This trip's been filled with new experiences that I didn't even realize was happening.
Funny hey?

My free time's been spent baking, running, writing, running, skyping, shopping, running. And for the time spent here, as a whole, has been quality. I've been glad and grateful for days I spent indoors in the rain and days I spent out. I've gotten to know so many lovely people and gotten pretty close to a couple of them.
I said my goodbyes this morning and it was pretty much an aww-fest.

There'll be dinner tonight, and we'll finish the wine and the cake I made.
And then
and then and then and then,
I'll be on a morning flight out tomorrow.

and I'll see you in just a bit

January 3rd 2011, Monday

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