Sunday, June 1, 2008

CSMusic's Event at Blue Moo Cafe

This was exactly one month ago, on May 2nd 2008.
Besides us, performances were also done by Soul2Soul and Eric Lee + A2J.

This is long overdue, other than my brief "oh it was fantabulous, the performance" post.

So here are pictures.
More than that, all the seven songs we sang that night were recorded live and they don't sound too bad.
They're in the box on the right, below the box of demos(:

Create Le Voyage, an online Christian Magazine covered the topic of CCM in this recent issue.
CCM- Christian Contemporary Music.
They've traced it all the way back to the 70s which is pretty amazing if you ask me.
I got the chance to answer some of their questions too.

Check out the article at
The Q&A section is right at the bottom.

I'll leave you guys to it!((:

Prayer/ Worship/ Prep right before the show.

I liked this shot. The black and white one's nicer but he's put it up on his blog already.
I like this shot(:
Smaller pictures means there was less of me to take, right?
Most of the rest i'm looking very pregnant.
And i'm not quite ready to let the world know yet. hahaha

Hello Mr Producer Guy!
I quite loved this shot. REALLY REALLY.

Each person has their In The Zone Look.
This is his when he's playing guitar.
He's got one for when he's on the computer too.

Singapore City Lights.
Hey, who knew it'd be this beautiful.
Yes, this is real even though it's fantastically tiny.
Sunset was goooorgeous.

Soul2Soul got the absolutely gorgeous rehearsal shots.
They've all got that beautiful sky behind them. haha

Morning Run

Desperate for time, can you tell?

We managed to sit down and eat after our set. haha.

The review I did on The Leap Years is also out on Create Le Voyage.

Have fun darlings

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