Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a secret hideaway

Hello squeegees, squawdgers and sqwackers.

It's a wonderful time to go away for a bit, isn't it?
Actually, no it isn't.
Not with secondary school kids on the loose.
But anyway, because it's June,
we like to believe that it's a wonderful time to go away.
Because the sun shines just that bit brighter, beaches are sandier, waves are bigger and
brains are allowed to turn into mush!

So, yours truly is going to get a tan by hiding in a secret part of her room where no one will find her.
Now how fantastic is that!

Shame i didn't go for tonight's party, but then again, hanging out with Victor is never a bad thing.
And of course, one of his newfound mutant abilities is shoving my procrastinating ass out of the way and finally making that bloody call to the aircon repair company.
No more fountain in my room))):
Also means no more moss-friends.
Oh dear, what a lonely life i will live now.

Today was such a fucking sluggish day.
It's amazing I managed to do any work at all really. Now all I've got left is three more questions for my fifth assignment and i'm set.
Ought to walk Homer tomorrow too, before I disappear.
Oh yes, and tidy up my room so that mr aircon-repair man doesn't totally throw up all over my baby dustbunnies.

What a terrible lot to do! And i'm falling asleep already.
I shall start off with uhm,
bathing and going to bed.
Always helps.

Oh yes, Enqing and I will be performing at the Esplanade Library, Arts Cafe on July 4th.
We're doing a forty-five minute jazz set from 4pm-5pm.
It's a Friday.
Promise to update, though that's really all the information.

Baby Vee, I have Grey's Season One and will be borrowing Two as well.
So if you wanna slug around for a full day, call me.
Enqing, HELLO WELLO. Stop overworking yourself.
Victor Huang Zexy Panties, Thank You in advance for sorting out my mini fountain.
Though i dont know how i'll sleep without my calming therapeutic sounds. The world would still be in the Stone Age if it weren't for people like you who decided that rocks look better with a startup sound and green letters dancing on its surface.

Okie doke.
As usual, so much more to say but don't give a droplet of shit so why bother.

Bye Bye,
I will enjoy myself in my secret wormhole!


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