Friday, June 13, 2008

a wee while, they say

Spent the evening with my two favourite boys; something i haven't done for absolute eons.
I went completely high on absolutely nothing and spent the long walk spinning round and round, singing out of tune, annoying joggers and starting sword fights with sticks.

Enqing has been out of action for so long it felt like we weren't in the same country!
In this time, mushrooms have grown in a corner of my room, and i've shaved my head and watched it grow back.
So finallyyy, we managed to hang out. I didn't know how much i missed it really.

Today was major shopping day!
We've bought our equipment for recording already and we should be aaaaaall set berry soon!
Our firebox has a name! She's called Haze!

Double joy for Victor who bought a laptop today too.
This is his major shopping okay, couple of hundred heeeere and theeeere.
As opposed to my OMGSOCHEAP! $10/$20/$30 here and there and here and there and here and theeeeeeeeeere. hahahaha

Today, from start to finish,
was absolutely lovely. The bulk of time having been spent with the boys.

<3 you both!


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