Sunday, June 15, 2008

what i was waiting for

When you told me how close you came to an accident that day, i froze thinking:
i wouldn't have wanted to lose you, and worse still, not have known.
But as i fall asleep that night, absorbing details of our phonecall, i realized that
when i lost you, i hadn't even realized it.

It's strange.
I would cry- Not because of how i feel but because of the lack of emotions and the empty space it's left.
I'd cry for her, who gave you her all and her everything, without fully realizing who you are.
I'd cry for you and the person you've become.

I'd cry at a lot of things,
but not what I don't have anymore.

Without quite realizing it,
I've already said my goodbyes
and broken my soul ties.

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