Thursday, June 12, 2008

more than this

Never felt more stupid, when it comes to academics.
After three Visual Art Assignments where i got full marks for each and every one of them.
I must have gotten complacent.
I must have rushed this last one out, before i went to Bintan. So this is what i came back to.

My back, still warm from the sun, my belly button still holding bits of Bintan's sand,
Me, looking forward to staring at another 100/100 for my Fourth Assignment.
Instead, i got an 87
If you do the brain-required math, it works out to be two questions that i got wrong.
Two questions that so happen to be in the section where they don't give you the answers.

You might think i'm overreacting. And if i saw someone else like this, i'd tell them they were overreacting myself!
At first, i started at the overall percentage. With bated breath, i clicked on the page that held my results.
Later on, i had a decent cry which made me feel heaps better.
Yes, I would roll my eyes at me if i were someone else.
But i think for like, the second time ever, the grade meant so much to me that everything on that page was wrong because of that number. An 87 also means a B = 0.67 marks short of a B+
That just kills you know.

My mood swung from one end to the other and back in about half an hour flat.
I'll just have to work harder then, won't i?

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