Sunday, August 17, 2008

lost for a day-

Though most of you hadn't noticed, I was away for the last couple of days.

First World Hotel brought back memories of Vegas and the weather up in Genting made me miss LA like crazy.
Two mornings in a row, I managed to catch the sunrise.

I had the window bed. And trust me, from our 22nd-story room, it was too beautiful for words.
Using the word beautiful annoys me, even.
Cos it wasn't like that.
It was wonderfully gorgeous.

Not just in the morning, with the sun rising from behind those mountains,
but at night too-
with street lamps dotting long winding roads and the shadow of a run down building in the middle of an empty piece of land.

Sure the theme parks (both indoor and outdoor) were fun, and the cotton candy and ferris wheels topped my Prettiest Moment in Life list.
But more than anything, it was how, from start to finish it mostly felt like a dream.

We walked through mist, laughed at goosebumps and spasmed in the chilly air.
It made me want to just stop, right there, in the middle of the park and pack the entire moment into a tiny little globe that i could climb into and relive, over and over and over again.

The company was amazing too.
Gosh, the company was too die for, really.
We'd hang out, watch rubbish on telly or Heather or read or wander around.
One of the bits I loved most was just staring out the window at night.
It didn't feel surreal, but it looked like something out of a movie.

And it always made me smile.

I'd love to just go back there and relive it.
No, not go back there again.
More like, go back in time and relive everything from start to finish.

Maybe this time, I'll get to hold on to them moments a wee bit longer.

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