Friday, August 8, 2008

pre-hols happiness


It hasn't been too bad a day so far.
And my room, in all its pre-holiday cleanliness was a lovely place to be in last night.
yay me!

When Victor saw my room he went,
"WOW! I CAN SEE THE FLOOR! My, who would've guessed!"


If more holidays mean I keep my room extra clean for long periods of time,
then i really ought to go on more holidays eh?
On the other hand,
one of Victor's most quotable quotes went something along the lines of,
"If you've got time to revamp your room, then you probably don't have anyone to be with. Which means no one's gonna see your room anyways."

Comforting, no?

Went to Ikea Tampines last night for foodies, and saved ourselves for round 2 of it, when we came home to eat with The Little Creature.

I was sort of mean to her this morning, cos I was a bit crabby and my door was locked and she was getting crabby on me too. But all's well now, though I really ought to scurry off and get ready.

Oh yes, also found out that Enqing's still very much alive, albeit drowning in work.
It was a tad bit stupid of me to worry, I suppose.

CUTE SONG! (the post below this)

For all the rest of you in Sunny Singapore,
and Thank God I'm getting out of hereeeeee!

Don't miss me too much darlings!

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