Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today, is gonna be the day

Today was a fabtastic day((:
It was absolutely gorgeous.

My morning was put to wonderful use.
Besides the sleeping in and rolling around in bed, that is.
Gosh, even had a proper breakfast for once.
aaand, I cooked!

I met up with Ashley for lunch at Crosskeys.
He arrived back from Shanghai ten days early, so i suppose he has like a teeny bit of time that allows him to breathe(:
I ought to be honoured that he chose to breathe with me right beside him!
Anyways, I've known him for about thirteen years. Well, twelve-thirteen.
Which is the entire time I've been in Singapore actually.
We haven't met up like in the last couple of years, so meeting up today was quite something really.

Crosskeys provided a nice lunch, as usual (how could I ever expect any less) and then we went for walkies.
We wandered into Build-A-Bear where I held on tight to a very nice and soft skin and refused to let go. We laughed at how they sold knickers/ boxers for the bear (though I secretly thought it was cute), and while he wowed at the merchandise, I thought about what I'd dress my imaginary bear in.
It's a She by the way. Obviously.

Wandered around some more. La Dee Da.
There's a major sale on Moda Vera wool, in Spotlight, by the way.

We ended up at Electic Attic for tea, which was the plan anyway.
gasp! No scones and Earl Grey for us though;
I had brownies! And very nice brownies they were indeed.

Each of us buying scones home for our family, we headed off and promised to see each other within the next four years.

Watched Batman with the family today.
Family + Victor, who's family anyways so I don't need to say
plus blablabla.

Yes, I, the loser, finally watched it.
Yes it was utterly fantastic and i loved it a lot more than the last Batman.
In fact, I hated the last one so much that I thought I'd never watch Batman ever again.
I mean, it wasn't all that bad, I just got annoyed at the Batman guy.
And Rachel.
Who was also in this one but who got killed.
I hate these bloody fucking annoying damsels in distress.
Go chew on your thong and save yourself, you lazy cunt.

Anyway the show was fantastic and I loved every bit of it.

Lots to do now,
so nighty night(((:

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