Monday, August 18, 2008

stopping to smell roses/ cherry cigars. whatever

So i rolled my slightly ache-y body out bed today and thought,
"I want to live."

So from a little after nine,
I've watched 387mins straight of Greys Anatomy.

After being out of the house for about 16 hours a day, five times a week,
yeah, this is what I call living.
When living-living doesn't seem quite enough to float your bloody boat.

Of course I'm happy with my life,
I just wanted to do absolutely nothing for a bit.

Two packets of coffee, a glass of orange juice, a glass of New Zealand red wine, a glass of Choya (two plums!) and a can of beer into the day and I thought,
hmmm, this ain't so bad innit?

I hate television and I never watch it.
Okay, I like a couple of shows and all. Greys is one of them.
So imagine me sitting through the entire season of it.
All nine episodes.
Now that's enough to last me the next year and a half. hah.

It wouldn't be fun if you did it everyday though,
that's why today's made me smile at my grubbiness.
Though to complete it, I should've probably skipped out on bothering to brush my teeth in the morning.

So yes, I talked at the telly and to the telly.
I laughed and hooted and groaned in absolute exasperation.

At the end of my alone time,
I thought:

"Hmm gee. Looks like I had a party and forgot to invite anyone besides myself."

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