Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When I ought to thank you instead-

I had my final public speaking lesson at Broadrick last week.
This week,
was their competition.

And my, didn't they shine(:

Swear to God, they've come such a long way and have made such an immense improvement!
It's amazing, that's what it is.

I was sure today's winner would be either Ke Chin or Nerissa, to be honest.
You know how you start making your guesses by the last lesson.
But the final winner was Jeremiah.
The guy who showed up for the first class and then proceeded to quit.

I will say, however, that both Ke Chin and Nerissa's first speech was well thought out and planned to perfection. And although I can't say that for Jeremiah, I'll say his improv was fantastic, and much better than someone else's speech which he read off, during the first round.

I'm guessing it's unlikely I'll see them again, this group of Broadricians,
and it's cry-worthy, I swear it is.

You have no idea how many Tuesday mornings I've come from, to teach them, and what a difference it made to my day.
And I've looked forward to my Tuesdays for an entire month (that seems like a lifetime ago), it seems so often, and now I'm just like, Oh it's Tuesday.

It's so fun hanging out with this group, and it's going to be different even if I end up teaching the next Public Speaking Course in their school.

This group has been absolutely amazing, complete and utter fun and more than anything, awesome beyond words.
I've loved teaching them so much that, I don't really want to say goodbye.
I didn't, come to think of it.
Not in a "boo-hoo, this is the last time" kind of way at least.

they did up this gorgeous card which Ke Chin passed to me at the end of the competition.
It was lovely, and I could've cried, really.

I ought to say Thank You too, to be honest.
Thank You for listening to me yabber, jabber and blabber.
Thank you for your respect -which believe me, meant a lot- considering our age gap (or the lack thereof).
Thank you for always making my Tuesdays, for being this huge happy pill after my draining mornings. For sharing with me, and letting me share with you.
More than anything, thanks for just being the most awesome bunch ever(:

All my love, and a little more
Charis Vera

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