Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I get annoyed

with rubbish.

My name is Mei. Baiscally I'm really new in this except for experiences in music (singing).. Currently also pursuing my grades in singing in the London College of music. I like to play piano but I'm just a beginner for it.. Also, drawing people's faces is one of my hobbies too..
Looking for auditions in ads or any production is because I wanna get to know more people who would come together to accomplish a production no matter it's a movie, drama, commercials, musical show etc.. The success accomplishment really is heart warming, happy & the togetherness felt is deep & so close.. This is always what I wanna feel.. The closeness & the happiness gain through hard work.. =)

Rates: Low Pay

Roles: - Commercial Ads;
- MTV;
- Background singers / singers;
- Film production;

Performance/Shoot Start:

Performance/Shoot End:

Submit by: 18/12/2008

Audition Start:

Audition End:

Audition Address:

Production Company: MEI

Like this.

Okay I'm not annoyed at her (who posted this up).
In fact, I dropped her an email saying she might have gotten a bit of a mixup.
I don't understand why she wasn't taught how to use this site.

If I'm not wrong, while we have to pay and get past auditions to get our profiles up on this asian database, casting directors, agents, producers, production companies etc don't have to and they gain full access and are allowed to post up the calls for auditions and whatnot.

So what you see here, basically, is an audition notice.

The title says:
Audition for Ad.

It is guranteed to have lots of users clicking on it because we all think it's an audition for an ad (like the title suggests).

I think what this girl meant to do was list that she was available to go for auditions for ads/tv/film or whatever. Under the "pay" column, I think she meant that she'd accept low pay and not that (as it is supposed to mean) she pays low (for the job).
Under the "roles" column, people usually put down the roles they NEED and this girl, I'm guessing, meant the roles she can play or the roles she's looking for.
I could've just misinterpreted the entire thing that she wrote.

I'm not sure how she got onto the site but I hope she takes the audition notice down before like, it gets super embarrassing. I feel so bad for her!

what I meant to say was that I'm annoyed that there wasn't anything up (warning signs or something, or How To Do signs) to help her out. Then again, maybe there were but she didn't see.

I think I'd die if it were me. (I've removed her personal info from the post)
How awful for her!

I'm a bit stunned actually, the whole write up and that she filled in the production company bit too.
Uhm, I'm just going to shut up right now.

She must be really good in singing though, if she's in London College of Music!

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