Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I kid you not, I'm so sober and level minded that it is not remotely funny.
For the oddest reason, my mom (for the first time ever) starting telling me about drugs and how I might just start hunting for highs.

Tonight was just fantastic, I mean.
But you know, thank God nothing major happened, I'd have so died on myself.

So yes,
I am amazingly sober for some reason.
Even though I had tonnes to drink and the same amount made Bella sort of collapse on her living room floor. (okay she probably had a bit more)

But anyway,
I'm so sober that I told the cabbie how sober I was (sadly) and I came home and starting practicing guitar (the little that I know)
Christ, I'm even blogging normally.

Why am I so insanely sane tonight? And why don't I get wasted at the right time?
Fucking balls.

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