Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Commitment (to procrastination)

So i've been taking a break since the last week pretty much successfully ran me to the ground.
This means sleeping early and waking up late. Like, eleven, noon ish kind of late.

There's heaps to do actually.
There's all that packing and I've allowed my room to get disgustingly messy.
My excuse is that, well, I'll be packing it all up anyhoos.

I've got tonnes of clothes to give away and I'm really surprised at how unclingy I've grown to become. Most of the stuff I keep, I keep because of memory.
Like that white basket in my kitchen holding all our clothes pegs-
One of the handles is broken and it's gonna go yellow eventually. But i insisted on bringing it over from our last house because it was a toy basket I had since we first moved to Singapore.
Somehow though, I'm a bit more ready to chuck stuff like that out.

This is why I'll never offer to pack for people if they're moving.
Unless of course, it's dishes and essentials and we just need to wrap it up with newspaper.
Simply because, what you see as pure trash might still hold meaning for its owner.
God, I hate to think about the amount of rubbish that I'll be sure to hoard when I have kids.
"oh but that's her first bottle."
"but that's the first soft toy I got for him."
"oh but that's their first matching outfit!"

Bloody hell, one of the things NOT to look forward to when I finally get round to having kids.
God, I just looked up while typing this and saw an old workbook from my piano class.
And I was using that when I was like, what, four years old?

So much stuff to chuck out.
I've got heaps of clothes, and yes, I DO have skinny clothes for skinny people, believe it or not.
(shit, this sucks.) But yeah, come by and pick them up if you're into micro minis and skanky stuff.
Or even if you're not, there's sure to be something my grandma bought.
haha. Which isn't that bad, you'll realize.

Besides having to pack my life into boxes, which I am talking about more than doing, I've to start packing for LA too. (The family's begun to do that already. geez)

ALSO, I've decided to do something.
Something that was this major major step for me and I've been rather against (because I wanted to be special, clearly)
And I told mommy about it too!

"Mommy, I've made a commitment."
Reaches for the remote and lowers the television volume
"What's that love?"
"I've finally asked Victor something,"
"What, to marry you?"
GROAN. "No, I did that already anyway."
"Oh. Oh yeah, but I thought you meant like, in a few years time. So what did you ask him?"
"I asked Veeeektooor...."
"To teach me how to play guitar!"

I'm dreadfully excited about the coming year.
New place, space (I meant personally as well as physically)
There's so much you can do with freedom and time.
I'm teaching full time with Inward Bound next year. And I'm gonna keep travelling as much as I can. (Although my so called "travelling" is abit loserish- a couple of days here and there)
So well, as and when I can, I suppose.

Couple of places I REALLY wanna go to next year:
UK-homehomehome! (CONFIRMED! YAY! driving to France to see my Grandad for the first time too!)
Genting (again. hehe. I wanna take Janice with me)
Thailand- Nong Tao (if possible. fingers crossed!)
States (yes again, and for a month with Enqing. Just to learn how to drive! June maybe?)

Basically I realized that it's not just the places I go to, but the crave to get out of the country.
But I'd really really like to go to these places. Fingers crossed!


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