Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been telling everyone that I'd go to High Voltage for my tattoo because I am sooo in love with Kat Von D and her skills.
AND of course we're all fully aware of how pricey it'd be (on/off camera is completely different).
So I've been telling myself as much as other people have been telling me, to be prepared.
Someone told me to set aside 1k (my tattoo isn't very big, it's like palm sized).
I sort of scoffed, but figured that could be quite possible.

Anyway, I got quotations.
You know how tattoos ALWAYS start at a minimum of fifty bucks (unless you go to Steven Oh's)?
ALL tattoos done by kat von D start at a minimum pricing of


I think I've got a lot more saving up to do and will have to do that in a couple of years instead.


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