Friday, November 21, 2008

blabber blubber

It's been a lovely week so far. I've started on my packing, for both LA and the move.
Well, unpack to repack, if you get what I mean.

Less sentimental and more willing to throw things out, clearly.
Gosh it's nice seeing all my memory boxes and shit, but I have complete and utter bullshit in some of them. When I was younger I'd keep the wrappings of presents with my name on them. So rubbish.

So many things to give away!
Super duper cute clothes, micro-minis and the works.
What I really want now, is for renovations to bloody begin and be fucking over ASAP. I don't understand what in the world is taking them so long and I want to move my things over asap.

I bought a drawer set yesterday for my makeup. This is so my OCD can kick in full force.
Still, I'm trying to decide whether I should arrange my makeup according to basic themes: ie; Nightout- glitter, dark makeup etc
Colour groups. It's highly likely I will pick the latter because I tend to mix and match.
So fucking happy with my buy.

There're heaps more to chuck out, to be honest. It's a fucking bat's cave in here. (complete with strange smells thanks to my moss friends. Which came about when my aircon was having her period. I feel bad for V, clearly it's her turn now)

Drinks last night was a quiet affair.
Oooh I'd better get used to sleeping on a single bed! That's right):
Charis' Princess Bed will still be a princess bed (because I'm making sure the princess net stays up) but about half the size):
Guess it was a good thing after all when my quilt and bedsheet set from Ikea only came with four pillowcases, a quilt cover and nothing else.

I should get down to doing work, at some point. But I'm really really out of it.
Filming again next week. Nice to know that this month hasn't been a complete waste.

Aaaand in exactly a month from now, I'll be on the plane. yay!
But I can't seem to figure why I'm not as excited as the last couple of times I went. I mean, sure I'm excited. But I'm not as jumpy as I used to be when I was younger.
Maybe I'm worried about being well received and comfortability with my super extended family.
Maybe it's that that's sort of shadowing my excitement.

Can't wait for my major shopping though, and all the gazillion Christmas-NewYears-sorryIcouldn'tbearoundtocelebratementionedfestivieswithyou-presents!
And I am SO SO SO loading up on shoes and cute bras/bustiers over there.
These are the things I'm excited about.
On top of college visiting and getting a new tattoo of course!

I'm heading off to smile at nothing now!

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