Thursday, February 11, 2010


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I think what I loved about this show was the simplicity of it.
It wasn't your typical four part- Introduction, rising conflict, conflict, conclusion.
The introduction was more or less your rising conflict. What you first think is the conflict comes very early on, and then post that, is another rising conflict-conflict-cycle all over again.
(pointless trying to put it into words!)

It wasn't so much a, brace yourself brace yourself BOOM CONFLICT ending thing.
More like this, entire journey with the humps and bumps and crashing into each other sort of thing. Most beautiful of all was how it ended.
Considering the fact that they asked to be taken home. Considering they knew exactly what lay in wait for them. Considering they never did find out whether Dylan's brother was dead or alive.

For the time they ran away, they were themselves and they were free.
Their initial motivation for running away from home faded into this common knowledge that what they were running away from was in actual fact, part of their (more or less) everyday life. To turn their back on their newfound freedom and come home to what isn't necessarily the less of two evils, shows this intense deepening and changing of both characters.

Coming home, it was a big thing. And in a matter of days, they had grown into young adults, at all of twelve, thirteen. The didn't go home just to "face the music". The initial troubles; The broken windows, the fight, the worry, those weren't just what they were going home to.
Going home meant actively returning to their life of emotional and/or verbal abuse.

And that last bit, where they just faced each other, without a word. It was beautiful because there was just so much that was right between them. So much that they could hold on to, but that might shatter if you touched it.
Then the families, both their families, yanked them away from each other. They broke that spell, that beautiful moment. But because they broke everything else around those two kids, what they had between them remained intact. And that'd turn out to be something they can go back to when everything else around them falls apart.
And it will.

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