Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Well you don't post that often either!" "I DO" "NO" "I don't. dammit"

I didn't realize it'd been this long! I swear!
So although I'm pretty sure my blog doesn't get read that much, I'm sorry if you actually took the time to have a look-see, just to find that it's a week old.

To be honest, I haven't really had the time.
I haven't touched Kirsten (this mini laptop that I use regularly) in a few days.
I read emails on my cell, check out facebook and tweet like a twit all on my cell phone. Just so tired these days.

Okay but just to make up for my laziness, here's something to make you smile and keep on reading!


So, quick update. If I haven't been working, I've been studying, if not, I've been sleeping. I kid you not, it's that bad.
I did however, manage to catch a movie with V, D and Vic a couple of nights ago (i think it was. my days fuse together) It was an artsy thing called Kisses, and I absolutely loved it.
I even cried, that's how much I loved it.
I'm sorry, no I did not cry in Avatar. At all. I kid you not.
D seemed bored although she did pay attention hahaha and V was just mentally vibing the characters (through the screen) not to kiss. But they did.
Check out what I think here!

Or just scroll down, if you're not poking through archives.

Aside from that, I missed Steph's farewell because I was rehearsing with Wang and Roshen.
Yeeeeap, that's right, after five years of not playing together, and hardly even being in contact, I'm doing a tiny thing with them next Wednesday.
It's been suchhhh a long while!
Okay so for you folks who're interested, it's :

Wednesday, February 17th 2010
Prince of Wales
101 Dunlop Street

What else do I have up?
My third finger got stabbed, like literally STABBED by Buttons this morning. Trying to be all affectionate and cuddly, she stepped on my hand and a single claw sank into my finger. Now it feels like a bloody painful blister.

Today was an absolutely lovely end to my week(:
It was the first day of Northbrooks Sec 2s and they were just such an amazing bunch. Becs says I always get the nice class for some reason, which isn't always true but they were so lovely today!
Brilliant kids(:

I want to study now, I do.
Except I feel more inclined to curl up in bed and sleep. I was supposed to go jogging tonight too.
Pah, like that'll happen.


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