Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, if today hasn't been a fruitful day so far, I don't know what else to call it!
I slept in til noon, for one.
Clearly I've bollocksed up my biological clock and waking up instantly at 8am has become a memory of me being disciplined and all the things I wish I were more of, today.

So anyway, after checking out the lesson plan and planning activities in my head (I like Mondays with Xin Min, they're decent and we get a ton more work done for some reason), I walked to work and then walked back.
(I'm trying to sound healthy and energetic, but it doesn't take very much effort. It's less time than Vicky takes to walk to Bird's. Or almost the same)

Because Fishbone has been gobbling up his sister's food like day in and day out, and Buttons comes into the sanctuary of our room to find her bowl nearly empty, we've been suspecting that Fishbone might have redeveloped worms.
Actually i personally think he is half dog. But anyway, after days of procrastination, I gave him the deworming paste. It is SO handy, twenty bucks for this huge syringe. And it's the same one that breeders use!

So while I was out, instead of coming home to find poop with worms in them, I came back to a major pool of puke in the middle of my kitchen. Complete with his breakfast and some of his sister's.
Now, Buttons has very bad hairballs because of her thick fur so she tends to throw up once in a while. How did I know this belonged to Fishbone? Because as I was cleaning up, I saw bits of newspaper. And, because Fishbone is half dog, he's the only one of the two that eats trash.
Ta da! Lovely investigative work indeed!*pats back

So I had to wipe that up and then mop the area. After rinsing out and putting the mop away, I reached for my cell phone and found another tiny pool of puke. Just with digested food this time.
Cleaned that up too and by this time I was half ready to throw up myself.
Cleaned my hands thoroughly, and then set about making myself lunch. Which was fresh orange juice. And takes about as long to cook noodles.

Post lunch and skype-spaz session with Vicky, I came out to find more puke which I also had to mop up.

I also had to rush off to hang out the clothes even though it was four and there was no sun, simply because I kept forgetting to hang them out.
Once that was done, and I felt all satisfied with myself, I walked out and found yet another pool of puke.

So I bloody soaked the sodding mop in cleaning agents, mopped the kitchen and then the one puke puddle outside it.


So, here I am. At home but unrested. Well that's a lie, I've been site hopping a lot and texting A LOT even though I actually really don't like texting that much. (this is really how lazy I am) I love receiving texts though! hahahah

So there we go, a lot of work for a very lazy girl.
I'm going to go work out and head for dinner now.
I ought to key in my Western Civilization answers first though.


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