Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

or Chinese New Year.
As TLC says though, Chinese New Year totalled pwns V day.

Shame, considering it's my last.
Had a chat with someone over msn and I realized the brilliance and the awesomeness of spending V day in the company of theee most amazing friends, a few bottles of wine, a tonne of smoke and sticks of cheese.

Sometimes, without realizing it, I end up gloating about how brilliant it is, spending special hols with my close friends. Sorry):

So yes, it's my last Valentine's Day in Singapore and we're spending it tidying up the house. Come to think of it, I haven't actually been asked out on Valentine's Day for the last four (including this one). In fact the last Valentine's Day that was very Valentine's Day-y was when I was still living in Pasir Ris.
strange that.

So it's Chinese New Year and my room is a bloody tip. It's horrid, and my sister's outside talking about CNY decorations when we've already got them but she wants to do the place up so more although frankly, I don't see why.
It's like, looking for more Christmas decor on Christmas Eve. I feel that way anyway, I mean, if we've waited til the last minute there's hardly time to enjoy it anyway.
I hope to God that we don't get more CNY decorations, think about the trees and the money! Yes I know we leave those things up all year round but it's not a good thing, you know.

please, no more no more.

I mean, we've got to bloody get mandarin oranges for starters. There're important things to do and get! We're so freaking unprepared for CNY this year that it's bloody awful.

Anyway, whatever.
Happy Valentine's Day kiddies, we're all gonna need the wine to get us through these few days!


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