Monday, February 1, 2010

I am annoyed and irritated.

Because I was dying to go for Muay Thai today.
Because I was desperate in a way that made me feel like I might collapse from the sheer lack of Muay Thai.
Because I've been away from it for more than a week and I promise you, it feels more physically annoying than not having sex for more than a week.

It is madness.

But there are things to do today, and things that I find difficult to work around. And right now, I cannot, I cannot work around it.
I wanted to make myself better by going for a swim, but then I have to rush around and do other things of higher priority and importance but which does not, give me a nice tan.

On top of that, I need to take a dump.
But I'm off coffee and smokes and can't seem to take a freaking dump.


Anyway, on a happier note.

Not that this picture is at all happy because we were sending him off but I couldn't find my skype pictures. WHERE ARE THEY DAMMIT.

I had a lovely chat with Justin last night which resulted in a lot of spazzing and a lot less tearing up and going "omg I wish i could talk. I feel like I'll never see you again."
I think the working mic made a world of difference. Well it wasn't the mic's fault, just msn.
Which is why I hate msn.

I'm having a splitting headache. I want to keep hopping into the shower because I love showering.

I'm having lunch with Asher.
At least I get to see a decent human being every now and then.

I am annoyed that i don't get to swim and tan.
bloody hell.

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