Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was trying desperately to find a picture of myself looking freaking chinky.
But I couldn't.
So I settled for Aunty instead (I'm in white. and red that is)
Don't complain,

soooooo, this picture was also taken years ago. And I do mean years.
Years ago like, "before the end of my first relationship" kind of time frame.

It was quieter this year.
I'm sure a few families were hiding out to avoid the throngs of strangers' children that they'd have to dole out money to. But on top of that, in terms of my friends, where there used to be like 5,6 of us (plus random fighting fish) there were only four of us. Three, inclusive of me, by the time we got back to my place.
quite sad.

over the course of this period, clearly few of us haven managed to get any studying done and I am tired out of my eyeballs. I DON'T KNOW WHY.
But i'm having such an insanely fat week because being a woman, one tends to experience the "fat and ugly week" once a month.
Boys, you DO NOT know how good you have it. Don't even begin to try and compare this with your massive surge of hormones when you were thirteen and had to have alone time like 924540295784508630610601386586 million times a day.
At least you grow out of it.

But this is like, on of the few reasons I don't like being a girl.
I generally LOVE being a girl.

V, Vic and I also made this mayjah decision last night to not go to Australia in June and head for Bangkok instead. I do love Bangkok, I do. But I was looking forward so so much to Australia.
And it kills me, this knowledge that I will likely not see Bird or D for maybe two, three years at least. I get this feeling i'm more likely to see D than Bird, because at least she has cousins in the States.
oh woe is me.

On a brighter note, the lunch and the last five minutes of sermon were nice. I feel horrid for missing out on so much. Trust me, I am kicking myself now.
Practice after that was really nice too(:
I likey.
Plus, to top of my really nice day, I got to meet Asher and, *GASP* Wesley, who I haven't seen in five years! Everyone's all grown up now:/

I also realized, like at seven thirty or something this evening, that after talking quite a bit to Sam Choo today, while at his place, I failed to realize that it was, in fact, HIS BIRTHDAY.
And a very important birthday at that! It wasn't like 43 going on 44 or like, 7 going on 8. He has officially hit the big Two-oh.
How can that not be a big deal?
So I called and apologized, and then told him he was an old man.
To which he replied, "Thanks"

It's back to work tomorrow, and lunch with Qing, which I'm looking forward to. I'm missing hanging out with him so much! ):
Lets hope we don't all keel over now! I am SO tired.

So last call,
9pm, 17th Feb 2010 (Wednesday, tomorrow)
101 Dunlop street,
Prince of Wales
Really near Little India Station

We're doing covers for about two hours.
But what's special about this is that it's the first time in five years that I'll be singing with this band again. It's not the full band, but close enough. And I love singing with them:D

So come by, have a drink, hang out, chew on the stranger's arm beside you.
Hope to see you.


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