Friday, August 6, 2010

break your little heart

Not that I understand, or need to

I can't quite place this feeling, and I wish I could word it-
Believe me I do.

Maybe my problem is that always try to justify how I feel,
Try to dissect and analyze it.

Whatever the case,
Until I feel like tearing it apart and sifting through it and su


just won't.


I'm just a bit away from the office. It's obscene, but I'm thinking about what I could do.

I love what I do-
Making people believe.
And whichever side you're on, on stage or in the audience,
You know what you're in for-
Getting drawn into something you know isn't real,
Or doing all you can to have someone believe that what you're saying/doing isn't a lie.

And then if you think about it carefully,
You'd figure that whichever side you're on, the only person you've been lying to,
Is yourself.

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