Friday, August 6, 2010

c'mon baby we ain't gonna live forever

come with me tonight,
we can make the night last forever

It's the first I've planned and organized a company retreat-
I've gotten everything down to the last half hour, with a fifteen minute buffer time for every.single.thing. I quite like how my anal-ness/ocd/whathaveyou come in quite handy sometimes(:
Of course, at the same time, I'm pretty sure things won't ever go just so.
But then there's the other side of me,
The lets-just-zone-out-for-a-week-side of me, so I won't be jumping around making us do like, eeeeverything.

We're headed to Batam this morning, hopefully without running into crowds and such.
It's a shame that sometimes not everyone's as hopped up as you are,
But to a certain extent, I kinda get it.
We've all been on the flip side of the coin at some point, haven't we?

So we're all checked in, and our manager seems infinitely more frazzled.
I feel, sorta, well I don't know.
I'm the only one sitting down and typing, for starters.
It's so funny, all of it.


I had time for breakfast with The Little Creature this morning before we went on our way. I like(:

I don't know what to expect today, despite having planned it all.
But I suppose a lot of this unexpectedness makes up most of our life.

And sometimes,
All you can do, is take things as they come.

And hope it doesn't hurt

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