Monday, August 23, 2010


Suddenly everything pales in comparison,
Suddenly you find yourself wondering when the ground beneath you will give out-
And if you sort of expected it to anyway.

You're going away.
And fuck, I hate being such a sodding baby about this but,
You're going away.

I hate how it ends up coming to this;
People clawing at the minutes and seconds that you have left and bracing yourself for that moment when you know,
You know you'll have to let go.

But you can't fight it, you never can.
And yet it's not as simple as taking it as it comes,
Letting yourself get used to it.
How can you brace yourself for something you can hardly even begin to imagine?

It's not so much what's happened, or what will, or what can or cannot be undone.
That's all something that one will eventually figure out in time.
What gets me, is that it's you.
And there's so much more to you than this. And I wish, with all that I am, that you wouldn't have to go through what you will.
Maybe it's because I know you. Maybe it's because I know some part of you wished you hadn't.
I'm not saying that the world should be allowed to get away with whatever they fancy,
That isn't quite it.
I'm just wishing it could be just that bit easier on you.

And I think about you,
The person that you were, are and will be. And I think,
Who are we, who is anybody to pass judgement. To say what is fair or just.
And then, and then, I don't know what to think anymore.

You will be okay.
I know you will. But God I will miss you. Just like I've missed you this entire time I haven't seen you.
But the promise of tomorrow might just be worth waking up for.
And surprises,
They work best when you close your eyes.

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