Tuesday, August 9, 2011

how's this for shocking?

So I was in line at the box office the other day, and a bunch of rowdy white kids scrambled to a counter and did their picking and choosing. The girlfriend pointed out one of the boys who she knew, and, as we stepped up to the front of the line, they even said hello to each other.

as we stepped up to the counter and were trying to pick seats, someone in that group of boys yelled, "Lesbians!" at us. Pretty fucking loudly too.

It's not every day that shit like that happens to me. Especially not, well, on this side of town I guess. I've always been the protective sort, and so, if that happened a few years back if I was say, out with Bird or Vicky or just, well anyone, I'd probably have turned to look at those kids. Said something maybe. Yelled back. Or grabbed the girl beside me and kissed her and flipped them off. Except now that it pretty much feels like it's thrown directly at me, and the person I'm out with, I instead, flinch. And turn back to the screen and let her pick the seats.

And then, we walk away.

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