Monday, August 8, 2011

Just, absolutely


So my first ever pair of Aldo heels were laid to rest in the bin of a toilet in Takashimaya.
These 5.5inch heels that cost me a bit over ninety dollars at half price, lasted me four years. Four lovely years.
I feel a little bit bad that I didn't give them a more decent burial.

We set off in search of replacement heels.
I just needed something simple and black and that I can last in. Pretty much like how I can easily last more than 12 hours in those five and a half inch heels. That very first pair I got. Mind you, we're talking catwalks, prints, shows, weddings. They've been to them all.
All my other shoes, gorgeous as they are, haven't worked as brilliantly in my favour.

Well we walked into Aldo.
As one would have to do.
And I picked something up from the Sale section but I was very torn between that pair, and a new arrival that cost quite a bit more and looked delish.

I, however, much as I am in love with Aldos, honestly didn't feel like paying $179 for the New Arrival. So I tried very, very very hard to talk myself out of it (even though Erika was saying I should totally go for it) and the other pair was nice and in fact, more practical.
So I'd more or less settled on the pair except...

She decided I wouldn't have to choose

So uh.
I think my girlfriend sorta spoils me rotten.
Like. There is just put it.

Yep. Spoilt.
I'm sorry, could you not see the gorgeous new babies?


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