Wednesday, August 17, 2011


That sits in your wallet
Fitted comfortably into the first pocket, so that everytime it flips open,
The world gets to ask,
"My, who's that?" "Don't you two look cute?" "How long has it been already?"

It's pressed up and stained with the breath of the different countries you've been to, smells faintly like a collective of all your scents.

Curled at the edges, it helps you remember the first night of your first too-long vacation apart.
It is bordered by streams of time- some spent fretting, others crying, others smiling shyly.

1) Don't fix things because you should, but because you want to.
2) Taking out that photograph doesn't erase all the memories it comes with. Hastily slotting in a new picture will only have you noticing the traces of ink the last one left behind on the inside of that wallet's window- traces that will now leak into or fall against your new photograph.
3) Sometimes people leave pictures in there. Just to watch it fade into the window, bleed into the rest of you. So that the picture can cry itself into a murky blur of happy colours, and you can pretend to forget.
4) You don't need to keep the picture to remember, and you don't need to chuck it to forget.

5) You. You're the picture in my wallet. The question tucked into smiles, and answers tucked into history.
You're where I come from, where I've been and where I'll go.

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