Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Public Holidays

"What groceries do you need?"

It's 9.30 in the morning,

"Weren't we doing shopping together babe? Where are you?"
"Well, I'm here. So I'll just get what we need."
"But weren't we supposed to...I'll come over?"
"No, you should stay in bed and sleep in. And you can tell me what you need."
And I thought I'd been spoilt enough yesterday.

We spent this morning horizontal, mostly. Aside from listening to my mother's late party night that we weren't a part of (because we're not cool, and we go to sleep early), but which we also didn't need to clean up either.
We had cereal, curled up and ate seaweed while watching Greys'. Gawd, gotta love that show.
Cuddled up, talked, cuddled some more, talked some more.
She's finally made up with Buttons. No, we didn't bribe her. Just because you feed them a couple of times or give them treats doesn't make them like you. Doesn't work like that.
Even though a treat was involved.
Uhm yes.
So, I think she might be edging her way towards Buttons' good side.

I think Public Holidays should be spent exactly like that.
Just, curled up under the duvet and talking about everything and nothing at the same time.
It should be spent sedentary, with lots of junk food.

And then, at then end of the day, it'd be nice to crawl into bed together and figure, even though there's work in the morning,
it can't be so bad.

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