Monday, April 14, 2008

glass slippers that don't fit

Charis, Charis, Charis.

There has to be some form of learning,
some idea, though vague and fuzzy, of what every single thing boils down to.
What is at the bottom of every wink from across the room, every smile flashed and every flush hidden-
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It will still amaze you dear,
how much you can have in common with people and how oddly connected you might feel.
And what will never fail to amaze you more is,
how completely pointless most of those are.

Your two favourite boys, are your two favourite boys for a reason, you realize.
They don't make you cry even though they have enough of you to break.

Pearl necklaces will break my dear.
And you will watch those pretty white things clatter to the floor, and it will hurt.
why should you even bother picking those little things up, when you can turn on a single perfect heel and walk away?

That's my girl.

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