Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Safe In A Crazy World

Found this song playing, and boy does it always remind me of Enqing and even more so,
Play it please, pretty please, while you read.

I really miss it actually.
The entire period, the rushing around.
It was when i was first involved with the Y2Y Network,
where i first met the brilliant Shamila and the amazing Samsul. Who knew one could really look that good eh!

A door opened to a world I have never and will never be able to leave.
Look, look where we all are now.
Okay, so a bit fatter than before i'm guessing?

This playing song reminds me of the backstage rush, and the quiet unfilled theatre.
The dimly-lit stage and lights, powerful enough to blind you or for you to feed off, depending.
Too-cold aircon and stuffing frozen fingers into Enqing's jacket pocket.

Oh gosh, has it really been that long ago?

It's so weird if you think about it now.
If you read long ago blog posts and what not.

Amazing, really.
That it has been that all that long ago.

And when the bustle of life is overwhelming and people whisper too loudly into my ear,
i think back to a quiet theatrette, with its plush velvet seats waiting for its audience.
An empty stage, thick curtains drawn-
A place to breathe.
A place where i am safe.
Safe, in a crazy world

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