Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Red letter days, a fantabulous mood


WARNING: I'm not the only tranny!

*collects self and falls back into chair*

Now today is what i'd call a day put to fantastic use.
You might have already guessed how pissed I get at myself for wasting my life away.

Well today my day started at eight in the morning, and i didn't have the urge to crawl back into bed. I decided to give Da bin a break and texted her mom.
Fifteen past eight, fresh out of the shower, i started my lovely lovely day.

Starting the machine, I made myself breakfast complete with coffee and caught the morning news.
I subjected myself to getting ear-rape by a local mini-celebrity who was once on idol (there's a reason she didn't win it). Interestingly enough, part of the morning news included local singer/songwriters who had produced their own albums without a record label.
(pom poms!)

After breakfast, news, coffee and bits of Ellen Degenerous, i went to walk Homer.
His yanking on the leash does no good for my painfully healing wounds. I'll be going for surgery tomorrow though- supposedly anyway. I don't know how that'll be possible though with an effing DimWit of a receptionist. eurgh.

The weather was just perfect, and I managed to sun my clothes sufficiently.
Post- hanging out another pole of clothes, I went down to Kovan's popular to pick up books for Da Bin.
Poor thing's gonna have a shitload to do.
Mommy's been laughing at how kiasu i am. Seriously though, we're going nowhere at the moment. Well, actually we are, but i have to push her harder, so that she won't constantly be running behind the damn train for stations on end.
So i picked up fifty bucks worth of books and lugged them home whereby i packed up for work.

I met one of my two new (China) students today.
A teenager who's taking his exam to get into mainstream school.
You don't know this, but you can't just jump into Primary Six;
So, your entrance exam directs you either to Primary Five or Secondary One.
Of course, based largely on the fact that he is already a teenager, we're hoping he can get into the latter.
Seems a far stretch though, because he barely understood a word of what i was saying.
I feel more progress with Da Bin, seriously.
This is incredibly scary because I have about seven hours to make a difference.
And if he can barely understand me in English, how in the world am i to help him in Math (which i'm teaching him too) ?
Lord help us dying creatures.

Work ended late as a result. (I wasn't expecting the new kid)
But I'm awfully pleased with the amount that I've accomplished today.
I headed down to my life-support (Coffee Bean!) and picked up cakes for the family. Sabastien's back at this branch, so we went out for a chat.

He's really an amazing guy and Singapore cafe's ought to have more people like him.
The place pays him crap though, and I won't be quite surprised if he goes over to Starbucks where he's already been offered TWICE what he's getting now.

The only unfortunate thing of course, is that Coffee Bean would seriously have lost out, like in every major way possible.

C'est la vie

I'm off to study now.
You'll never guess what-

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