Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whiff of Nostalgia


I think we all saw this coming.
this isn't a random picture post. It's a post with my entire school life crammed into a nutshell.
A fucking big nutshell that is.

It's been an incredibly long while-

I left school a year earlier than everyone, and even though I don't regret the outcome, and where i've ended up, I have had longer to miss my school days.
It doesn't quite help that, being the person I was, I spent the best year of my life cutting school like fucking crazy. Which of course, consequently resulted in the worst year of my life (so far).

So, boyfriends and outside activities aside,
these are snippets of life in school which I find myself missing/longing for;
Like the ache of a limb that's no longer there.

I used to hate getting up at ungodly hours.
But i caught these lovely sunrises a whole lot more than I mange to now.
My best friend, and her best friend.
3c1 '06 class banner.
We had a horrifyingly tiny classroom which we nicknamed "The Jail Cell".
It really wasn't that far off actually.

25 of us had to cram into this tiny barred-window oven (other classes has space to walk, and non-grilled windows!). And just so you know how tiny our classroom was-
The front and the back door were exactly one person apart from each other.
I kid you not.
The back door was always blocked by our desks anyways.
On top of that, both doors were falling apart because the locks didn't work and more often than not, Ann would kick the door down.

Don't believe me?
Right beside Bird is the front door, and RIGHT beside Vee, out of frame, is the back door.
The only reason TWO people can squeeze there is because

A) Bird is skinny and asleep
B) Vee is tiny and NOT asleep

This was our favourite place to sit, in between both doors, for our regular snooze/chill out time which consisted of listening to music or being on the phone with boyfriends.
(Applies only to Charlotte and I. We ARE twins after all)
As you can tell,
Sitting between the front and back door made us very difficult to spot from the single, BARRED window which is beside the front door.
Thus, keeping us safely out of sight from spying teachers.
Oh gosh, I do miss her incredibly much.
We were in the toilet. Probably cutting class as usual, and instead, cooping ourselves up in the cubicle.
Fantastic isn't it?
It was Chinese class.
Self-explanatory i think.

Secondary One.
In the school, before it was rebuilt.
Now this, is sad
It's hard to believe, really.
Back to Secondary 3 and the Maths classes that I detested so much.
This is our teacher and her skirt.
Or rather, the lack of it.

If you're wondering how I managed such a fantastic shot-
I was sitting on the floor for, once again, either not finishing my homework/ failing my maths test/ being me.
One of them.
I look FUGLY.
BUT what other memories are there to hold on to eh?
Whom I haven't seen since we got our O level results.
This was the first picture I ever took with this phone. Which was the Motorola Pebl.
It was also the first phone I wanted, and picked out by myself((:
As usual, I got it BEFORE it became cool and well known and came in a million different colours(:
But doesn't Vee look adorable!
She's really sleeping by the way.

I call this,
This is Vee's rotting foot cover. And she saved it out of a dustbin and watched it grow little furry holes.
I know my photos are in random order but well,
bear with it.
This was the year I was retained (2007) : Second chance at Secondary three.
Joelle and her Valentine's Day gift from me.

That's another thing I really miss-
How in school, every single occasion is celebrated as such.
And the thing is, I knew even then, that these would be one of the things I'd miss about school.
Caryn looks like she's studying doesn't she?
It's an art my dears,
sleeping in class, with the exasperated math teacher right in front of you,
BUT looking like you're studying!

You could just be absolutely shameless!

Hello Pris(:
Valentine's Day and our test-tubes of red wine.
Math class with Priz which involves
1) cleaning our faces with wet wipes
2) tidying up our hair
3) taking pictures of how clean and refreshed we are
4) settling in to pay attention, ten minutes before the end of the lesson.

Back to 2006, i think it was.
Clearly this was a first day of school of one of the terms.
I was enjoying how clean my shoes were while waiting for Vicky to hurry the fuck up and join me for breakfast.
Yes, even then, we enjoyed our meals at the expense of school hours.
But it's not like it was bad,
i mean,
we always texted our classmates to ask if they'd like breakfast too!

Now THAT is class spirit(:



Directly behind Anna is the back door, and to Anna's left (which is the right of the picture)
is *drum roll*

And as is quite clear, you can see the barred windows which I'm starting to think, were put there to prevent students like us throwing ourselves out of the window.
Oh yes, you can also see that it was the front door that was constantly blocked by desks.
And of course, in the case of a fire, we would probably all die because

a) The doors open inwards (which everyone knows is bad because in a state of panic we'd fall against each other)
c) And if the door fails, we would be unable to climb out the windows to save ourselves.

What a thing to miss eh?
Thing is, this was really the best year of my life which i completely took for granted.

the girl in the picture is our class monitress and her role-model ways.

Buu (Vee), doing what she does best-

And smiling at phone-cameras which aren't supposed to be used.
This is the little ledge bit that juts out, right beside the toilet.
I think we flung someone's shoe out there (might've been Vee's foot cover)
and the BRAVE AND AWESOMEZ Ang Ann Na went to save it.

Yes these are my classmates.
Check out Vee's lovely face.

The tree in the background has paper leaves which fall at random. (It's part of the effect!)
It also has carvings on the tree trunks, JUST LIKE A REAL TREE!
And it also has a bird on it!
See that white bit to the corner of the frame? That's a printed picture of Bird.
So yes, we have a Bird on the tree.

The girl in the far left corner of the picture is Charlotte, my twin:D:D
We used to look even more alike actually.

We even managed to fool our very gullible Chemistry teacher.
It was one of those restless days where we all swapped name tags with each other for the heck of it.
She called Charlotte and I answered and Vice Versa. Then she took a double take and was like,
"Oh yea! YOU TWO REALLY DO LOOK ALIKE! And some more, your name is Charis and her name is Charlotte! But I'm not going to let you bluff me, I know you're not related!"
But the entire class backed us up with,
"It's true Mrs Chew! It's just that not a lot of people know!"
"Really leh Mrs Chew, you mean YOU didn't know they were twins?"

She is still rather disbelieving, so we provide her with facts!
1) See, our names are similar! (True)
2) Charis lives with mommy, while Charlotte lives with daddy! (ALSO TRUE)
3) That's why we've got different last names, we took on the last names of our parents.
(yea right)
4) The parent we live with doesn't get on with the other (TRUE)

Of course, we just didn't tell her that our parents were completely different. hahahaha.

Hello Bird(:
Why so pensive, hmmm?

Gosh DD,
yes, I fucking miss you.

this is the result of little things like going to VJ with Enqing to watch Naddy.
It wasn't my school, but yeah well.
The whole vibe, spirit, everything else.
It just got to me and made me miss school.

Really silly stuff you know, like singing the school song after the event or coming up with a cheer that only people of the school could respond to.

It made me smile actually, the whole memory of how I used to be part of something like that.

Besides that one evening, i mean,
everyone's finally started school.
If you're not in JC, you're in Poly. If you're not in Poly you're in MDIS.
If you're not there you're in some school that has classes.
Classes= friends= hanging out= hanging out with friends.
If you're not in school, you're bumming around with a part-time job or the telly set. So this wouldn't apply to you.

Everyone has a life a their new environment and no, I won't deny it,
I am rather envious.
Of course I'm terribly happy for everyone, but still, rather envious.

I truly am missing school like crazy.
I'm missing the mundane things like assembly, and falling asleep in class.
I'm missing the annoying things like, being caught for tattoos and piercings.
I'm missing the creativity involved in thinking of a hairstyle that is acceptable and yet, different from everyone else's.


Oh wells,
the grass will always be greener on the other side, won't it?

I must say, I am very happy with my life right now.
Loveless, sexless, focused. That's sounds like I don't have a life, but you see, I really do!
My priorities are my own and not anyone else's (sort of like last year)
and well, I'm just so incredibly happy!

I just sort of wonder,
what I'm missing out on that's all.

But i will get my fair share soon I guess(:

Can't wait for college!

this brings me to the end of my five hour post!
It says 9pm, but right now,
it's actually 1.59am on May First.


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