Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bum Fluff

That's Victor's bum fluff.

Speaking of bum fluff, i most certainly have been working hard at cultivating my own.
At least it would seem so.

In normal, non-annoying-englishy translation, i'm basically talking about how pissed i am at myself for taking a nap.
Okay, that does sound a bit much.

I haven't had naps in ages.
I'm constantly on my feet, rushing around, doing one thing or another.
To have a space that is filled with shuffling around the house is very disturbing.
The afternoon was a bit like that, due to the rain, but i did think that i could do with the rest.

i napped but instead, i should've just stayed up studying/exercising/ doing something.
It's scary how i've sort of become this person who freaks at the idea of not doing anything.
But you can't really blame me because, i really do have a whole bunch of stuff to do, shit to wipe of asses, the whole nine and a half yards.

This is what I have to do, preferably this week but in no particular order:

-Get Da Bin to score as close to full marks for Spelling as possible
-Do the bulk of my laundry before surgery
-Finish up Epiphany Fridays
-Come up with music for Strawberry Kisses & Chocolate Milk
-Finish my Visual Arts Assignment (due sixteenth)
-Sit for my English Exam (Thursday, April 10th)
-Book an appointment for surgery
-Go for the surgery (Thursday, April 10th)
-Send in pictures and writeup to Dawn
-Embark on insane preparations for Da Bin's mid years

And oh look, that's how much i'm left with.
Thanks to the fantastic weather and a twit of a Charis Vera, i've had to redo my laundry THREE TIMES, and for my knickers- FOUR.
This is so horribly off-pissing.
So clearly, if i'm too busy RE-DOING my laundry, i won't have time to finish up the rest of my laundry before my freaking surgery.

The last on my to do list will probably start tomorrow.
The poor kid is doing stuff like cloze passages and comprehensions when she can't even freaking string a sentence together! I have to push her so insanely hard, and it's not like i'm not you know.
At the end of the lessons she's so tired I can practically see her tiny brain shrivelling up like a prune and disintergrating.

And oh yes, I also have a new China student who's taking her entrance exams into mainstream school next Thursday.
I basically have less than a week to make sure she has powderful English spilling out of her nose.


and oh LOOK!
I've still got the time to blog about it.
I do hate myself sometimes. ugh.

Okay, i'm off to study til like three am or something.
I must resist my gorgeous, comfy bed.

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