Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please, for the love of God!


This is San Francisco.
San Francisco is a fantastically awesome place, with really nice people but massive crowds.
It feels like you really could walk to anywhere from anywhere sometimes, it does.
And it's all pretty with lovely lights and balcony stairs.

It buzzes with this gorgeous vibe of arts, contentment and general happiness. People stand around yelling REPENT for three hours straight and people in wheelchairs sit by the roadside with a cat in their laps.

People always hate me for being all prissy all the time, but seriously, I do not, and i mean DO NOT understand why people in Singapore call San Francisco "San Fran".
No one ever calls it San Fran!

It's like, you guys went there, got excited and thought you'd be really cool and show off how much you know the place by giving it a nickname that no one ever uses! And then it's spread like aaaall over the place and lots of people here talk about "San Fran this" and "San Fran that"
Fuck balls.

When I leave I ought to come up with some snazzy-but-not-really nickname that will catch on, and have lots of people saying it. Then you'll know how annoying it is.

ugh. If you don't know what locals call it, then don't make up a random nickname.
Yes, I told my daddy off once for calling it San Fran. I sort of grimaced, and spazzed and then said, "I think you mean San Francisco."

Where'd you get the idea of calling San Francisco "San Fran" anyway.
annoying much.
I'm trying to remember if I've ever heard locals call it San Fran, and I think I heard someone in LA say that ONCE, but he's chink and he corrected himself.

Ok lar, maybe it's not your fault. But please stop anyway, because it's quite annoying.


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