Wednesday, January 27, 2010

See you soon

So I just got off a two and a half hr, half verbal half non-verbal msn chat with Justin. The non-verbal half being myself.

He's got a lovely view from his window, and it looks much nicer than well, the view from my window. Well my window itself kind of looks so depressing you don't even want to go anywhere near the window.
It's funny how it seems like it's been a while when it really hasn't been that long,
and I do miss him already.
On the other hand, it's nice to know that I probably will see him again. Eventually.
In a few years or so.

Bringing me to this:

The other day, Bird talked about not knowing when you'll next see that person again. You know, when they leave.
And it's funny. Because we really don't know.

Like, the last time I saw Ann na, it was through Dory's front gate at her 18th birthday. I think I managed a wave, and she waved back.
That was well, more than a year ago. I'd bought her a present from the States and kicked myself for not bringing it to give her.

I've never seen Ann na since, and I never knew that last time, would quite likely be the last time I'd see her.

Or like Homer. I love Homer to bits and I've felt so shitty about us being so irregular with taking him out. The last time I took him out, I was with Vicky. And he was such an absolute darling that day. Very well behaved, running to me when I called him, coming out of the bushes when I said no.
When I returned him, I even picked out the days i'd come by the following week.

I honestly didn't think that it'd be the last time I'd see him.
Two months short of three years with him, it feels a bit strange. I suppose I could go by any time I'd like, just to say hi, just to give him a treat.
Won't be the same though.

I guess, when you're right in the middle of something, like in the middle of a relationship or in the thick of a friendship that's so strong, you cannot fathom the idea that one day, you might not have anything to talk about anymore, much less that one half might actively want to remove themselves from you.

It's painful, knowing this.
But c'est la vie, oui?

And then, let's just be honest. Some people, when they leave, you just don't miss them.
Why? Because you weren't close to them or anything.
I see it on Facebook all the time. People saying they're moving or that they're headed off to Aussie or something to study and then SUDDENLY you have massive amounts of people writing on their wall saying,
Don't say that.
Why not?
Because it's not true.

You guys were probably in contact for like, three days out of the 365 an one out of the three was an accident.
Just don't say it if it's not true man.

But oh, whatevs.
There's a lot to do and a lot more to think about now.

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