Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morn

My morning started off (again) just lovely!
After 48minutes of being very smiley and giggly (wait, really? Giggly? aye), I said my goodnights and crawled back into bed for about ten minutes.
Then I hauled my ass out of bed because I've been wanting to make pancakes for the family again and if not this morning, then it's likely never. Especially with how the schedules are looking.

So it was Blueberry-banana pancakes. Well, more banana and just a smattering of blueberries.
The colour looks nice though. I trial-ed and error-ed, as the making of pancakes always start and then it looked nice and started stacking up while the rest of the house started getting out of bed.
Turns out there were plans today.
Except seeing as I'd made breakfast, my family stayed home while the extended went to pick up my Granduncle for brunch. They grabbed some of the pancakes though and said it tasted great.
Guess I can't ask for more, and I'm happy.

So it's eleven on Christmas morning. I wanted to go to church today, except well, most churches start at ten and I couldn't bloody pull up anything online.
Google was supposed to be my friend):

It hasn't felt very much like Christmas. And that doesn't make me feel the happiest.
I don't know how I managed to drop over a hundred dollars when I popped into target yesterday. I am STILL most flummoxed indeed.
Minor digression:
Leans over to The Little Creature, seating across the table
Me: I STILL don't know how I managed to spend a hundred bucks yesterday. A hundred and five!
TLC: Chuckles
Me: No, no. Really. I really don't know!
TLC: Did you check the receipt?
Me: Yeahhh.

Me: Noooo.

So anyway! I am very disturbed, like, what in the world could I possibly have been buying at Target? Nonsense.

In other news, TLC's passing on information from her friend about the club scene in Frisco.
"haha," she says, "You don't get hit on. They just grab you."
Most disturbing indeed.

There're a couple of blogs I read (No, it is not stalking dammit.)
And there's this one person's in particular. I've only met her a couple of times, and she's really nice although I can't say I know her very well.
But that's the thing about blogs, they're a whole lot more personal than we realize. (For some reason, I feel old saying the word 'blog', but I digress!)

So anyway, I'll admit there are sometimes that I find myself a tad taken aback by what she writes. Sometimes I find myself with an eyebrow raised, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I am left puzzled, and sometimes, honestly, it becomes a sort of seedling that grows into a plant with overgrown roots and I find myself trippin'.
(Then I get quiet, and asked what's wrong and I say "Nothing" when actually I mean,
"Nothing that I know how to say". But eventually I talk about it, we talk about it, and then it becomes okay.)

And that's because those are words (this blogger's written words that is) at their most raw and most honest. And no one should ever be blamed for that.
Amongst the couple of reactions I have whenever I find myself reading this person's writings, I have quite often found myself hoping that things will get better for her.

I don't know what she's thinking, what makes her tick and what doesn't. Or what it is that upsets her. I do know that there is someone we both know who makes her smile, and quite easily at that. And that's always nice. And it's nice to read about her being happy.
Aside from that though, all I know is what I've read and what I have/can perceive from the outside.
So, on the now-and-thens that something seems to be up, I hope it gets better for her.
That if something hurts or is hurting, it'll start to ease up. Because there's only so much that a person can take after all.
And I hope and wish, because that's about the only thing I can do as I read her writings, can't quite do any more than that.

I don't even know why I've written all of this out. Don't think I quite meant to, especially because it might seem a bit odd/strange. Don't think I ever meant for anybody to even know this. But uhm, I felt very much like saying this and also, I'm counting heavily on the fact that the only people who ever read this page are Victor and Vicky (who laugh at me for being emo and/or psychotic) and uhm, Fishbone. No, not even Buttons. Buttons just likes to sit on the computer.

to you, who I barely know, I hope things aren't too unbearable and that they'll look up for you soon. More than that, I hope you find it in yourself to cope with whatever it is you happen to be going through.


So this Christmas is different.

I'm going to go for a run now and come home and bake the Christmas Cake.
The Christmas Cake which I do not feel like eating. Meh.

Dec 25th 2010, Saturday

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