Saturday, December 25, 2010


Happy Christmas.

There're so many of you who mean so much to me back in the sunny spore that
i just might call home for a while more.
Miss you tonnes, and can't wait to see you guys. Really(:

In the meantime, the family's liking the new look of our apartment-
Thanks a whoooole lot(:
I hope you guys have a tonne of fun. I can't believe I'm missing out on this again. This is SO two years ago.
Keep at the holiday spirit darlings!
Just please, don't have sex on my couch.

And for the other people left out of the weird cuddle-pile that's been happening in my living room,
I hope you make sure to enjoy your log cake and turkey/roast chicken and sock-wearing puppy in the most wholesome of ways!

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December 25th 2010, Friday

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