Sunday, July 31, 2011

amazing grace

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You.
For loving me for me. And for letting me know this, every single day.

And, even with my last glass of port to punctuate the end of a few hours of reading, for having me know one thing quite clearly-
That I might have questions about the person I am, about the truth of it and what my sexuality means. That I might often ask and try to dissect, but when I come up empty-handed, I know that you know who I am, inside and out. And that you've given me someone who loves me regardless.

That churches can preach and hate can spread, but I know You, and who You are and what You stand for.
I've walked with you long enough to know that who I am doesn't change what I mean to you. I know for certain that I don't love You any less, that I am not wrong, that there are kinks that I fiddle with every so often but it's okay.

Because You know me. And I am Yours.
And that's enough for me.

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