Saturday, July 9, 2011

If our lives were a collection of notes and post-its

"Hello, I have clean laundry inside me. Please, could you hang them out to dry? They make my insides feel funny.
Love, the washing machine"

"Cat's been fed. Make sure you feed yourself too?"

"I hope you had fun today. I certainly did!
((: "

"Hey babe, finished the juice, sorry. I'll pick some up on the way home though."

"Things we're missing:
Clean laundry
Loo rolls
Jafa cakes
Evenings in playgrounds with Sandwiches.
What's your take on Friday night?
Love, me"

"Mommy called and asked if we'll be free for dinner and movie next week. You up for it?"

"I left breakfast for you in the fridge."

"Morning sweetheart, I hope you managed to sleep in. Come home for dinner?"

"So, just in case you were wondering, I love you.

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