Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free as a jailbird

It's six minutes to five on a Tuesday afternoon.
I love days that I have to myself. I haven't had one of those for a while. Mostly, I'm just really relieved that we didn't have to do any shows this week.
Because, well. It takes two hours one way to get there, to do a two hour show.

My voice has been pretty scratched up of recent.
And when my voice goes, it's pretty much downhill from there. There's no way in hell that my voice will go and leave the rest of me intact.
Honestly? It sucks.

So I've downed panadols and spent the day in bed for the most part.
I had a To Do list today:
Buy new sheets
Swap Erika's toothpaste
Pick up concealer
Lunch with Engie
And okay, I was a bit like, gawd, I'll have to run errands on my free day but, I didn't mind doing it, because I'd still be on my own. I was also going to have lunch with a friend. But clearly that didn't work out.
I've spent most of my day in bed today. I've been only slightly groggy, and I've had to cancel my evening lesson.

Maybe it's a good thing that I ended up being forced to stay home.
Because if I was well, I would've had to be out and stuff. But at the same time, I'd much rather being home and not feeling this sickly and icky.
I still have things to do. And I'm annoyed that I can't. Maybe if I left the house I'd find I'm in better shape than I thought.
Then again,
I'd much rather get the being sick completely over and done with.
It's a bloody waste of time, is what I think.

And if I'm not any better soon, then I'll be remarkably annoyed.

I've got a script to write anyways.

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