Saturday, July 23, 2011

Higgley Piggley Bumble Bee

Won't you say your name for me,
What's your name?

"So tell me about your week sweetheart"

He always talks about his toys, his race cars, his lightning McQueen and his green Lamborghini. He always tells me he lost one of his cars, and that mommy would go look for it. Most times, he'd be reunited with his cars, but sometimes it wouldn't be such a happy ending.

"This morning, I played-" he begins, as he always does.
"Mm, did you?"
"Yes. And then we went to the hospital."
"The hospital?"
"For mommy."
Notice how he didn't say they brought/picked up mommy.
"Oh no, is Mommy alright?"
"So what's happening at the hospital sweetheart?"
"Mommy, she said, because we're going to buy a new baby."
"Really?! And tell me about this baby, will it be a boy or a girl?"
"It will be a baby!" He replies, puzzled by my bizarre question.

So they will buy a new baby, and Javed, who I still call Baby, will be an older brother.

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