Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, as with all devised pieces where you start off with a whole bunch of actors improvising,
you need to finally sit down, and write the script.
Some things stay, and some things go. And some things, will be left with spaces for actors to fill.

I've got just about 5 sessions left with the kids before they perform.
Way to go hey?
5 sessions to block the entire script, and have everything in place and sorted. Fingers crossed.

I actually didn't mean to stay up writing. I told Victor that I was going to watch a chick flick (27 dresses), dye my hair and go to bed.
I didn't finish watching that chick flick. I think I've watched it before. And clearly it didn't leave an impression on me. And I'd hate to waste my life. Twice over.

Now, I will go to bed and wake up to tomorrow.
My yummy, yummy tomorrow which I'll spend cuddled up in bed watching movies before our night out. I'm quite looking forward to Vanessa's play.
I will check out Scene transitions! I'm a bit stuck there right now:/

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