Friday, July 22, 2011


Maybe it's-
Age, work, different interests?

It's evening. Friday evening.
And I am content here, where I am. Time to myself while I wait for dinner with mommy.

I'm reading a book.
A book about theatre games for young performers. So that I can generate more ideas for my Theatre Sports program on Saturdays, and the Actors' Training I do on Fridays, and the classes that happen on Mondays and Tuesdays, and.
There's an and in that sentence. There's an and there because this makes up who I am, what I am becoming and who I will be. There's no shame in that.
Nothing wrong with staying up til three in the morning finishing up a script, or entering a theatre and knowing that actors are positioned in that precise point because that's where the light is (because I've used the same stage, with the same light too), or watching a play and trying to figure how to adapt their scene transitions for use in the pieces I work on.

I guess maybe I'm resentful.
That we can be in such close proximity, and yet still feel pretty far off.

More than that though, maybe I'm just a little bit sad.

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