Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who are you?!

That was uncalled for.

What? Just, what?! Hold up, wait, wait. WHAT?!
It was rude, it was unbelievable.
If you're asking me if I'm upset, yes I am. For some reason, it gets me. A lot, okay?

Because if it were anyone of my best friends, that wouldn't have happened. It wouldn't.If it were any single one of them, male or female. Somehow I know it. And here's the thing, I. Don't. Understand.
And I hated that I had to feel that, be that upset, and almost justify my reasons. When I would have done it for anyone.

When did you get like this?
When did you because so impossibly, utterly, unbelievably self-absorbed?!
GOD. I don't fucking know you. I don't.

All you do is talk about yourself. All.the.time.
You throw tempers, when it even appears like we might not want to listen to you. Well here's news, MAYBE WE DON'T.
Because after a while, it gets to the point of INDULGENCE. That's what it's called- Indulgent.

But you refuse to read people, refuse to pause for a fucking second to think that maybe, just maybe, other people at the dinner table have a life too. Have work, have school, have things that they've come from. And all they want to do is sit at this table and talk about other things rather than hear you go on about YOU.

I can't believe the type of person you've become.
I don't understand you, I don't know you.
And honest to fucking God, I don't always like being around you very much.

I'm so, so, SO FUCKING claustrophobic.
I cannot breathe.

Yes, you're great. Yes, we can talk and all sometimes.
But it's so much easier when I don't have to deal with this so much.

Because frankly, I'm fucking tired.

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