Monday, December 8, 2008

and when I'm with you,
so close to feeling alive

"It's sorta secondary school-ish, I find."

How long before people stop jumping from relationship to relationship to relationship?
It's always been bewildering, you know, and I've gotten more irritated with girls rather than guys (fewer seem to have this habit) because I feel like screaming,
"Stop thinking you have to BE with someone to be happy."

It's a pet peeve, I realize.
Like cheating husbands, unleashed little children, unmatching clothes, too-small shoes.
This, needing to constantly be with someone.

I'm quite sure within the last month I was starting to get agitated at someone for talking about some sort of inane rubbish like that. And I'm quite sure we were in a cab and I said to her face, that she should stop believing that she needs someone to complete her and make her whole.
I think if you don't sort out that terrible problem early on, you end up wasting a lot of energy on pointless relationships that don't hold an iota of meaning.

Most of us are in love with love instead of.

I'm too tired to start on my crazy rant now.

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