Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas!

It's half past nine, and although the Christmas party's over, it sure was fantastic!

There a few things that run in my family:
1) The guys are all, without a doubt, fantastic cooks.
2) We drink a lot. Like, I mean, a FUCKING lot.
3) We all sing and karaoke.
4) We drink a lot.

So I've got the last fifth of my fantastic, homemade sangria sitting right beside me and I'm realizing, it was a pretty damn good Christmas.
It wasn't one of those I was used to, where the day was packed to the hilt. In fact, it was too cold and rainy (it was just a drizzle but the strong winds get you wet ASAP) to even go out for two minutes for a bloody smoke.

So we stayed in the whole day, I packed my corner of the room and dozed off for a half hour before doing mommy's makeup for tonight.
It was superb, swear to God.

The men got to the kitchen (the women cook fantastically too, but it stops at my mom's generation and then bounces around the kids) and whipped up an absolute storm!
So other than a whole lot of Sashimi (yellowtail) and crackers with cheese and tiny pieces of bread with pate + garlic, we haaaaaaaaad,

Lobster soup!
There were more than twenty people in the house, and I don't think we've finished up the food yet!
So there were lots of lobsters in the soup, delicious, huge ones. As well as cockles and what not. One of the ones i ate had a baby crab in it. ):
And mymy, for something that's been cooking since 9am in the morning, you bet it tasted better than something out of a restaurant!

So I sat around with my drink which seemed to get topped up as soon as I had more than two mouthfuls of it, listening to my mom's generation throw about their share of crazy (and some rather dirty) jokes.
When the second round of Sashimi came out, my aunt's close friend (kinda like an uncle anyway!), said,
"My God, this is better than sex!"
He also made out with two of my other uncles. Hahaha, they are so incredibly mad! Their get-together reminds me of my nights out at random wine bars.

Anyway, if there's anything better than Black Friday Sales (The day after Thanksgiving. One Walmart Employee was TRAMPLED to death this year), it's after Christmas sales.
More specifically, according to my cousin, after-New Year's Sales.
However, you might miss out your fair share that's been snitched up by the early birds.

Jc Penny's opening their doors at 5.30am tomorrow!
Bloody Hell, I really wanna go.

Anyway, my throat's going crazy on me and I'm coming down with something terrible so ought to get to bed. Shit, I'm feverish.
Yep, at eleven on a Christmas night.

Can't wait to go to San Francisco. Think I need family time, been feeling very very VERY suffocated.

So, as a last off to all you knob-nibblers and Muff Munchers,


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