Saturday, December 20, 2008

She'll be riding on an elephant when she comes.

The beginning of my trip is countable hours away.
I'm thrilled, really I am.
But I look up around my room and think that it looks like i might be living here for another week or so.

There's half a million things to do and for the best part of it, I feel like I can't breathe or like I can't get through the day without at least half a million cigarettes and a sharpened penknife well within reach.
I hate feeling so incredibly out of control when it comes to these sort of things.

I've repacked lots actually.
I need to just go, okay to hell with it and chuck the fucking knick-knacks into the red box that victor bought for my family.
There's so many that you feel, if you sort through it long enough, you'll be able to throw more out.
That might just hold truth in it, but I don't have "long enough" right now.
I really really don't.

I want to be so, so ready for tomorrow.
But it doesn't feel like I could be.

And I'm scared.

Bird's party was nice, quieter than expected, but I spent the bulk of it catching up and putting in my two dollars worth here and there.
PS: I love you Bird(:

My 110mm film's arrived and I am so so scared. I think I've fucked up the entire roll already lah, bloody hell.
Listen for the click.

Please don't be a waste, oh Please.

It's 18 degrees and I'm freezing.
It'll be 13 degrees over in LA and colder still, in Frisco. Okay, I probably won't be sitting around very often in just a top and knickers, but nonetheless!
I'm looking forward to all that I've been missing out on. I really am.
Anywhere out of Singapore's fantastic.
And I've somehow managed to always feel quite at home.
What the hell, I miss UK and want to go back nownownow!

Randomness aside,
I'd better get packing.

I'm bringing Heather with me, but just in case I can't get access to the net, which is quite possible unless I'm using a home computer (i don't know if I should bring Heather, think I'll leave her here), I've got a scheduled post coming out on Christmas Eve.

All my love, hugs and kisses!

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